Sunday, August 20, 2017


Yesterday's practice was a bit rough. We had four students. I've never been to practice time with that many. It became a bit like musical hoops. Or like some family gathering where if you leave your seat (hoop), you lose it. I have to wipe sweat almost between every attempt and usually re-chalk. By the time I'd do that, my hoop was taken.

And I was the worst. I'm so tired of being the worst. Everyone could invert cleanly. I worked on straddle. I got on video probably my best attempt ever to date; however, there's a bit of a swing, which I need to correct. I'm thinking I'm lacking lower core strength for that final push up into stack.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

What Derby Gave Me

There's been some ugly in my derby, particularly this year. This has helped...

I thought it would be helpful to focus on what derby brought to my life, rather than get mired down in regretting that I'd ever put on quad skates.
  • Got me in shape. Seriously. When I first started years ago, my endurance was shit. Someone recommended C25k. I kept getting stuck around week 4/5, so I just decided to run intervals. And running intervals does wonders for my depression. Plus, now my endurance is decent. I know I'm not going to die.
  • Confidence to wear quirky outfits. It opened up a world of cute leggings, tights, booty shorts, colors, and the confidence to rock them.
  • Hooping. I'm not sure I would have found it (again). As a teenager, I had a cheap hoop, and would have my mom time me to see how long I could waist hoop. I could go for ages. But it never occurred to me to do anything more with it. When I was skating with that rec league in 2015, I was researching ways to improve my core. And hooping came up.
  • Thus Lyra. If I hadn't found hooping, would I have found Lyra? I'm not sure. Certainly not when I needed it the most. Lyra is fixing what derby broke.